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These products are applied by extrusion and at to the customers request, diameters ranging from 5 1/8 to 14 3/4 inches, and lengths from 236 to 24 inches, are available. They are produced according to the AA international standard.

Nowadays most of the aluminium producer are eager to produce long length billet exceeded 5 meters which are producer out of primary aluminium mostly. Iran aluminium company “Iralco” cast house (50000 Ton aluminium Billet) enjoying air slip mold, Titanium injection system, Ceramic filters with rotary degassing sets and magnetic stirrer furnaces is able to produce billet with high quality, homogenized, strict quality control which are engineered to meet the customers design requirement and AA international standard. These products are used in a member of application area line automotive and transport industry building, heat transfer general engineering electronic and aviation, industrial enterprises and …

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