Reduction cells


The 110,000 TPY smelter,200 KA, equipped with F.T.P.and automated system is located in two parallel and two floor buildings. Four channels are available to connect two pot room buildings for alumina, new anode, used anode and other material transportation .Each pot line consists of 105 side-by-side pot , totally 210 pots , along the row of reduction cells , then one set of intelligent pot control device, there is control room for monitoring and controlling all the process of production lines to exchange the data for production process, and pneumatic control cabinet for each pot mounted on the wall .(F.T.P) fume treatment plant for controlling pollution , environment friendly and pleasant appearance for the plant and fume ,dust emitted by the pot are collected in the pot and carried to extremely efficient fume treatment , known as dry scrubber system which monitored and controlled by fully automatic system staffed 24 hours day, the daily production of pot is 1500 kg AL and the life time of pot is 1500 days. Replacement of anode , Aluminum tapping in each pot room building ,there are 4 sets of multi-purpose (P.T.M) pot tending machine or crane , totally 8 sets . . .

The structure of reduction cell and control pollution process.

The steel shell construction of pot and it’s ship structure are designed for high stability and tolerating thermal pressure, during time that pot is operating, for prevent shape deforming, specially gas collection hood to prevent emitting pollutant gases.

     Each pot contains 18 cathode and 28 anode and the weight is 1800 Kg , the number of stub to an anode are 4 and the pot dimensions are 11794* 4738*1700   , each pot contains the following items :

 bus bar ,pot exhaust gas , crust breaker , point feeder electrolyte , Alumina, crust , steel shell , collector bar , anode , cathode , . . . .

   Iralco 200 ka technology is equipped with control process system ,and all the processes are performed automatically and minimum man power for creating electrolyte bath, gradually cryolyte is poured in the pot till to reach 1000 degree centigrade , and gradually the cryolyte will start melting and the space between positive and negative poles (anode and cathode) will be fill with melted cryolyte ,this trend will be continue till the height of  the bath reach to 10 inches then pot feeding with alumina will be start , alumina (AL₂o₃) in the bath will divide , into two ions, 3 oxygen , positive ions and 2 AL negative ions .Positive ions move to negative ion and negative ions move to positive ion and they lost their electrons.

  In the reduction cells there are two systems:

1-F.T.P. or F.S.S fume scrubbing system (fume, treatment plant)

2- Dense phase conveying system (for distributing alumina in to the pot and pot room)

    All exhausted  gases , dust and particles produced in the pot will evacuated by pipe which is adjustable by butter fly valve and guide to F.T.P system , the principle is absorption reaction , physical  absorption and chemical reaction :

ALo + 6HF=2ALF3+3H2o


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